Will, Estate & Trusts

Will, Estate & Trust

Ensuring your assets benefit you and your loved ones before and after you die requires careful planning and expert advice. At Shean Singh Barristers & Solicitors, we have the extensive experience in the preparation of Will & Trust and in management of estate. We will give you the right advice & will ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


You will get a completely confidential and comprehensive service from us that includes:

  • Drafting a will on your behalf to ensure your wishes are executed once you die
  • Giving you expert advice to ensure there is clarity in your will
  • Helping you resolve any issues that might arise from your will during your lifetime so your family and loved ones don’t end up in a dispute after you die
  • Securely holding your will and any other relevant documents

Estate Management

Dealing with a death is always difficult, but we will professionally and respectfully guide you through the process. Our team is highly experienced in the administration of estates. We will treat you and/or your loved ones and family with dignity, kindness, and understanding, and we’ll ensure all legal requirements are met.

  • Apply for probate
  • Apply for letter of administrator
  • Administer the estate


If you want to create a trust to hold and manage your assets while you are alive or when you die, we can help. Our services include:

  • Giving you advice on trusts and what is right for your needs and circumstances
  • Preparation of trust deeds
  • Formation of trusts
  • Transferring assets to your trust
  • Gifting of assets
  • Ensuring your trust complies with all legislation
  • Ensuring your assets are used according to your wishes and to benefit those you specify in trust deed

Power of attorney

  • Enduring power of attorney
  • General and Specific

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